We are a young group of entrepreneurs who are associated with fitness industry for past 18 years. So far we have put up 3 mega fitness centers measuring 5,500 sq .ft. each in Mumbai.( Kandivali (East), Kandivali (West) and Worli and three more are in Pipeline at Mulund, Vashi and Nagpur) With an obsessive commitment towards our Vision statement, we hope to become the most preferred chains of fitness centre in years to come.

We at Pro+Fit believe in functional fitness i.e efficiently carrying our day today activities.It may be in form of weight loss, weight gain, body toning (looks), Hypertrophy (Muscle Enhancement), Risk Assessment, Fitness Evaluation, Effective Excercise Programs for special populations (People who are suffering from different ailments like B.P, Cardiac Problems, Asthama, Arthritis etc, Older Adults) for faster recovery, also Rehabilitation with the help of Physiotherapist.You name it and we deliver. Our comprehensive packages cover all the basic fitness parameters like Cardio vascular endurance, Strength, Muscle Endurance, Flexibility & Body composition.We have ultra modern equipment and excellent training technique to give you all types of Fitness i.e Functional Fitness, Recreational & Competitive Fitness and Cosmetic Fitness.